Clean Air. Clean Energy. Thriving Together.

Continuing to grow a vibrant economy, creating healthy communities and conserving our land and waters requires shared leadership that depends on us and our actions now. Arizona Thrives was launched to create a statewide Alliance charting a path forward, aligning strategies and efforts as we transition from carbon-based fuels to clean energy to drive our economy, how we move and how we live and work.

This effort is part of the broader work of The Nature Conservancy’s climate program. Learn more.

About Arizona Thrives

Arizona Thrives is a statewide Alliance charting a path forward, aligning strategies and efforts as we transition from carbon-based fuels to clean energy. The effort is focused on creating strategic priorities for How We Power our Economy, Where We Live and Work and How We Move.

Working together we can attract more high-wage jobs, improve the air we breathe, reduce the impact of heat to improve the livability of communities, increase water security, protect Arizona’s natural beauty, and sustain agriculture and energy independence.

Our collective goal is to meet or exceed the Clean Air Act quality standards and create a path to reduce carbon emissions.

The Time Is Now

As experienced during the pandemic, those most vulnerable — our essential and front-line workers and their families, the elderly and children — will suffer the most. The path forward needs to be equitable, affordable and fair.

The transition to clean energy is occurring around the world and the question is will Arizona prosper or let others decide our fate? There is a convergence of interests that makes now the right time to act: lower cost clean energy, new technology to improve reliability of clean energy, and demand from major companies. There also is a desire to avoid the high cost in dollars and lives of delayed action.

Arizona can thrive if we act now. This is a solution created for Arizona, by Arizonans. No one entity can do this alone.

Solutions for all. Inclusive of all.

Arizona Thrives unifies individuals, organizations, local and state government, small businesses and corporations around a common goal of a healthy and thriving Arizona environmentally, economically and in our communities.

A diverse cross section of Arizonans are joined in the idea that working together to leverage their collective expertise, perspective and influence will be the only way to ensure a robust economy and healthy environment and communities for all.

Join us in changing the conversation and taking action.

Align, Collaborate, Act.

  1. Promote clean air. Clean air that protects public health, our natural environment and sustainable economic growth.
  2. Accelerate clean energy. Energy that is affordable, reliable and carbon neutral.
  3. Prove effective. Solutions that are integrated, durable, credible and actionable.
  4. Benefit economy wide. Innovation in how we move, where we live and work, and how we power our economy while limiting adverse impacts in our communities.
  5. Ensure a healthier future. A process that values equity, access, and healthier communities and environment.
Join us in taking action.