Preparing for a Net-Zero Future: An Overview of Low and No-Carbon Fuels in Arizona

In a decarbonized economy, manufacturing of low and no-carbon fuel will be needed to meet difficult-to-electrify end-uses like shipping, long-haul trucking, and industrial processes. Arizona’s abundant solar, proximity to California, and geologic hydrogen storage resource make the state an attractive location for electrolytic hydrogen production to meet these needs.

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Federal Climate and Clean Energy Economic Assessment: The Nature Conservancy commissioned BW Research to complete an economic assessment of key climate and clean energy provisions under consideration by congress in the last year. The report shows investments in clean energy and climate policies generates skilled jobs, secures domestic supply chains, and supports climate resiliency.

National Economic Report

Arizona Report

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Rounds Report on Growing Sustainable Industry Jobs (2021):  Arizona is known for robust economic development; however, it’s critical that the state focus on the development of a high-skilled and versatile workforce to maximize growth. Learn more here:

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How do Arizonans feel about climate and infrastructure? Learn more about key findings from a survey of Arizonans on the Federal Infrastructure plans.

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Projecting Carbon emissions Associated with Electrical Utilities in AZ : A report on the cumulative impacts of carbon reduction goals set by Arizona Electric Utilities in 2020.

Electric Utilities Cumulative Impact on Carbon

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Phase I Report: Led by a small team, the initial report from Arizona Thrives lays out the levers and a path that guided the Phase II team in creating a framework forward.

Arizona Thrives – Dec 2019