About Us

A path to a healthy and prosperous future.

As Arizona navigates its path forward to create an adaptable and thriving economy, we can work together to ensure a more resilient and healthy future that benefits all, from urban to rural areas across the state. Arizona is well positioned to do so, and we must act now.

The Arizona Thrives Alliance brings Arizonans together to voluntarily align around a shared vision, set of guiding principles and common goals. By doing so, Arizona Thrives serves as a space for dialogue and learning to chart a path to cleaner air and energy statewide and economy-wide.

We serve as a catalyst for action, collaboration and partnerships with other organizations, government and institutions needed to achieve them, including:

  • Support development of priority pathways
  • Encourage aligning policy and practices
  • Elevate engagement and education of alliance goals
  • Identify needs for innovation in technology and products
  • Create a dashboard and progress indicators

No one entity can achieve this.